Who's behind Dutch Fresh Port?
Dutch Fresh Port is a collaboration of companies in the area, the council of Barendrecht, Ridderkerk and Rotterdam and the province South Holland.


In 2040, Dutch Fresh Port will be the leader in Europe when it comes to sustainable activity and (fresh) logistics in the fresh produce sector, attractive for talent and strong collective facilities, such as the reefer hub.

The result of all this: a strong global competitive position.

'Of Dutch exports, 25% of trade already takes place at Dutch Fresh Port.'
Johan in 't Veld
Ambassador Dutch Fresh Port

Het team

Astrid Aarts
PR & Communicatie
Gertjan Verstoep
Programmamanager Dutch Fresh Port
Johan in 't Veld
Ambassadeur Dutch Fresh Port
Michiel Jak
Digitalisering MobilityHUB
Shannon Kastelan
Dutch Fresh Port Werkt!
Marc Bloemendaal
Campus Dutch Fresh Port
Marleen Schuurman

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