4 Fruit Company
  • Type
    • Company
  • Subject
    • Food
    • Logistics
    • Transport
  • Location
    Handelsweg 30, 2788 DB Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
4 Fruit Company is a national and international import and export organisation in fruit and vegetables.
4 Fruit Company carries an enormously wide range of vegetables, fruit and a number of exotics that is constantly expanding. Beyond the Mediterranean countries, the range comes from South Africa, South America, USA and many Asian and African countries. Years of experience, the best product knowledge and reliable suppliers ensure top quality products at 4 Fruit Company. They carry a wide range of different vegetables, fruits and some exotics. The loyal relationships make it possible to supply good products at competitive prices to supermarkets, traditional wholesalers, exporters and the market trade throughout the European Union all year round.

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