Fresh Pack Logistics
  • Type
    • Company
  • Subject
    • Logistics
    • Transport
  • Location
    Handelscentrum ZHZ 55, 2991 LD Barendrecht, The Netherlands
Fresh Pack Logistics is part of Olympic Food Group B.V. and is an expert in the cooling, import and export, cross docking and transport of fresh produce products.
The distribution center is located in the same building as the other companies that fall under the Olympic Food Group flag (Olympic Fruit, Hoofdman & Roodzant and Fresh Pride). This allows very quick switching. The distribution center has 30,000 square meters of storage capacity and 37 loading and unloading docks. There is room for the storage of 15,000 pallets in 14 different temperature zones. This means that products can always be stored at the desired temperature. Fresh Pack Logistics has its own packing station and offers various Value Added Services such as packaging and repackaging of products.

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