Greenport West-Holland
  • Type
    • Co-operation partner
    • Knowledge institute
  • Subject
    • Commercial
    • Food
    • Food quality
    • Logistics
    • Services
    • Transport
  • Location
    HortiVERSum – 2e etage, Louis Pasteurlaan 6 2719 EE Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Greenport West-Holland is a partnership of 50 partners: entrepreneurs, governments, educational and knowledge institutions – the Greenboard. This is the so-called 'triple helix'.
Together, these partners work on an economically vital and sustainable future for the regional horticultural cluster with national and international impact. The Greenport includes all companies and organizations active in the field of food and floriculture: from traders to production companies and from breeders to logistics companies and technical suppliers. And investigates which actions are necessary for that economically vital and sustainable future: entrepreneurs are in control; facilitate governments and educational and knowledge institutions.

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