Hars & Hagebauer BV
  • Type
    • Company
  • Subject
    • Commercial
    • Food
    • Food quality
    • Services
    • Transport
  • Location
    Selderijweg 90, 2988 DG Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
Fruits and vegetables from all over the world.
Hars & Hagebauer originates from German based Hars & Hagebauer GmbH; a historic and well known business partner in the fruit and vegetable industry, founded in 1882. A company characterized by many years of experience in import and trade. It is this experience, their commitment and long-term relationships with established producers, chain partners and customers that makes the organization a unique, reliable and trusted partner for anyone in the fruit and vegetable chain. Hars & Hagebauer maintains for many decades dedicated, trustworthy relationships with their producers worldwide, providing financial support for cultivation and investments. Hars & Hagebauer supplies customers varying from wholesale, exporters and retailers in Europe.

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