Lentiz Course & Consultation
  • Type
    • Co-operation partner
    • Educational institute
  • Subject
    • Commercial
    • Food
    • Food quality
    • Logistics
    • Transport
  • Location
    Koopliedenweg 20 2991 LN Barendrecht, The Netherlands
Lentiz Course & Consultation provides education and training for private individuals, companies and municipalities in the following sectors: Horti - Greenhouse horticulture, Green - Gardeners and landscapers Food - Food industry & Fresh logistics.
Within these sectors, the offer consists of a wide range of courses for (future) employees and middle management personnel. Lentiz's focus is on work competencies, quality and craftsmanship and is always 'green related' to food, nature or living environment. The enthusiastic future makers are teachers/trainers with expert knowledge. They are happy to work with you. From cultivation, fertilization and nature and crop protection to good communication skills, and from safety, emergency response, technology and logistics to entrepreneurship, gardening and animal care. All courses and training are practice-oriented and tailored to your talent. And with an in-company training or a tailor-made program, Lentiz focuses specifically on your practice. Lentiz Course & Consultation trains global citizens by sharing knowledge of its future makers through courses, BBL programs and internationally. Lentiz stands for quality and good educational products, is environmentally aware and responds to the questions of participants, the labor market, further education and the business community. They strive to create the right product/market combinations every time. The team is ambitious and focused on professionalization and development. In short, Lentiz Course & Consultation is happy to train you for the future.

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