Olympic Fruit
  • Type
    • Company
  • Subject
    • Food
    • Services
  • Location
    Handelscentrum ZHZ 55, 2991 LD Barendrecht, The Netherlands
They believe in chain effectiveness. This means getting the basics right and offering the present-day game of supply and demand pragmatically and in a modern way. Paying for what is procured, not more or less. As a result, they offer a value-creating service with matching prices, to both producer and buyer. Chain effectiveness starts with knowledge and understanding the playing field. Knowledge such as that of cultivation, processes, laws and regulations, the customer, the end consumer and all other relevant trends and social developments that impact the business. Using this knowledge together with producers and customers to realise joint ambitions is Olympic Fruit's life blood. Thinking along with partners and surprising them conceptually is what makes the difference.

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